Why Refleece Market?

The mission: to inspire re-use

We believe in keeping things longer, fixing and repairing items, buying used when possible, and reusing the materials in an item at the end of its useful life. We are creating a less disposable world, embedded in a healthy economy that thrives on re-use.

Why focus on outdoor gear?

Unfortunately, a lot of outdoor gear has a heavy energy and water footprint — both in its manufacture and disposal.

Bonded fabrics, for example, or mixed material garments are hard to recycle. By re-using an item instead of buying new, you dramatically lower the water and energy used, and carbon emitted, to get your gear.

Less waste, better working conditions

In addition, by re-investing in high-quality gear, you extend the life of that gear, reducing the waste our communities must burn or bury.

Finally, by reducing the demand for “fast fashion,” we hope reduce the pressure for manufacturing speed that can lead to poor working conditions abroad.

Garments you sell are economic engines

They provide funds to the you (the seller), incentivize re-use, and (if you choose), help nonprofits who are working for climate justice and environmental protection.

They also allow outdoor enthusiasts to buy great gear at a lower cost, making the outdoors more accessible to those with a lower income.

More accessible. Less impactful. Inspiring re-use to create a healthier environment for everyone.

Have questions or would like to learn more? Send us an email at info@refleece.com and we will get back to shortly